I am a software engineer interested in building web mapping applications that emphasize performance and usability. I have worked in local government, at a university, for a data management and analysis firm, and at a major 3rd-party logistics company on spatial data processing and visualization problems. I am passionate about open source software and enjoy improving tools that benefit the spatial community. I typically program in Go, Python, and JavaScript and I much prefer to live in the back-end of applications. Things that I think are neat include vector tiles, Elixir, Rust, WebAssembly and PostGIS.

Previously I lived in the Netherlands for three years, then moved back home and studied GIS in graduate school. I’m a major basketball fan and have been involved in competitive gaming for over a decade.

If you’d like to read a bit more about my professional experience and skills, my resume is available on request. I can be reached by email for inqueries - please feel free to drop me a message for any reason!

My Hardware & Software

I develop on a custom built Ryzen 2700X/GTX 1070Ti machine running Fedora Linux and KDE Plasma. I write software with Visual Studio Code and have had a great experience using Digital Ocean to host virtual machines and object storage. You are browsing a static site built from scratch (theme and all) using Hugo and accessed from Netlify.

When I use terminal editors, I prefer nano.