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New Blog

I thought I’d throw out a little post celebrating my brand new personal website/blog! I’ve worked with Hugo in the past and decided to migrate my stuff over to it from Jekyll. I liked Jekyll fine, but Hugo’s debugging experience is really nice given how fast it can generate pages. I wrote the theme by hand this time, so I’m not guaranteeing it’s bug-free, but I think I got most of them out of the way.

I’m also moving my blog from GitHub to Netlify for hosting, mostly to test out their tools and capabilities. So far I am a big fan of Netlify and would recommend everyone check them out. I will say that I wish some of their services had more of an intermediary pricing step out of the free-tier. I’d like to pay for some services but I can’t justify going from free to $50month just for this blog. I suppose most of their audience will be in the business-tier and have no problem with those prices, but I’d definitely appreciate something more middling for us individuals.

Going forward I plan on writing significantly more about some of my areas of interest, both spatial and non-spatial. I have some ideas in my head about tutorials for things I think a lot of spatial folks aren’t necessarily aware of - mostly DevOps or web services types of things. We’ll see when I find time to jot down my thoughts.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy the new blog/commenting system and would love to hear thoughts on any UI/UX greivances or bugs that people notice.