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mongo had another rough analysis from jepsen that’s making the rounds, and it deserves the scrutiny it is getting, but i have to say i respect wiredtiger’s support for b-trees and lsm-trees. it’s a neat feature i wish more databases could say they support with so little fuss.

there’s almost nothing quite as upsetting as seeing a large javascript codebase littered with const actuallyAFunction = () => .... there’s a reason why the function declaration exists - it’s for functions!

confession: i once accidentally executed sudo rm -R /* and subsequently spent all night absolutely disgusted with myself

always been puzzled by ubuntu being the “default” distro for new linux users. fedora works well out-of-the-box and gets new software faster than ubuntu. maybe i’m too in-the-weeds to see what is so newbie-friendly about ubuntu.

i use a git gui for staging files and viewing diffs. i know this makes me less elite but i have such a hard time with large changes without a gui

/etc/hosts is a useful tool that is often overlooked. a simple workflow built around it will save you days of dns headaches

complexity is the enterprise software killer: let’s ship more and spend years trying to migrate to kubernetes less

animal crossing: new horizons is great so far. i’m already plotting to get certain villagers to move away. does this say something about me as a person?

despite always asking if others have tried turning it on and off again, i never seem to be able to follow that advice myself without assistance

browser css dev tools provide the best debugging experience of any platform