Browser-based spatial data visualization, analysis, and manipulation software. Application was created to test limits of the browser and DOM for traditional GIS work. Built with Vue, WebAssembly, and OpenLayers.


Web application enabling improved Census dataset querying. Queries generate automatically classified and normalized choropleth maps and can be exported for external use. Uses Vue and OpenLayers and serves spatial data from a self-hosted, custom vector tile server built in Node.js and PostGIS

Navisphere Vision

Web-based supply chain visibility tool that incorporates an interactive mapping component. My work on the data science team involved improving efficiency in caching strategies, modernizing machine-learning model pipeline, maintaining microservice APIs, and building network analysis capabilities into the product


Company that provides consulting and software solutions for spatial data needs. Typical work consists of custom data processing pipelines, internal dashboards, database administration, and web-map architecture. Available for contracts by request.