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Who is this guy?

I am a software engineer passionate about geospatial data, database design and optimization, and building low-latency web services. I currently work on implementing real-time visibility systems and improving database performance in the data science group at a major 3rd-party logistics company. I strive to build systems which emphasize simplicity in both software and hardware.

I enjoy programming in Go, C, and Python. I’ve done Elixir and Rust enough to know that I appreciate them but they aren’t quite my thing. I kinda wish everything was SQL. I think HTML and CSS are well-designed and fun to write. I’m still recovering from TypeScript.

Other topics I am totally amped about include vector tiles, PostGIS, and WebAssembly. I hope you’re fortunate enough to never hear me rant about mapping technologies.

I’m a major basketball fan and have been involved in competitive gaming for over a decade.


This website is statically generated with Hugo. The entire site is functional without JavaScript enabled except for a small easter egg. I passionately believe that browsing the web should be a pleasant experience and I will never use 3rd party, client-side trackers. I provide an RSS feed for the whole site, just the blog, and just my .plan entries. I enjoy using Digital Ocean and would appreciate others using my referral link.